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During the 19th century, a tannery was erected on the site. A fine work of architecture, the establishment fell into ruins after housing the business until the middle of the 20th century, when it was moved out of the town’s historic centre.


It was on a day in 1198 that a spring miraculously gushed out in the garden of a Spoleto convent by the hands of Pope Innocent III. Known since then as “the holy wellspring”, the waters were believed to have healing powers and for this reason, it was ordained that pilgrims could freely draw from the well. In 1601, the town’s vice-governor arranged for the restoration of the spring and a tablet, which still remains today, was placed to serve as a memorial of the event.


In 1992 Paolo Zuccari, an industrialist with a passion for building, decided to purchase the old tannery and the 3-year construction project began based on a design by the Roman architect Zanmatti. Soon thereafter, Paolo’s wife Daniela left her career as a literature professor to run the hotel, which was soon listed in some of the world’s most important travel guides: Michelin, Karen Brown and Touring Club, while earning a top rating from Tripadvisor. The hotel is currently managed by their daughter Federica and husband Carlo, who are always ready to serve guests with courtesy and professionality.